Calcium Lignosulfonate


Calcium Lignosulphonate is a anionic surfactant. It is a water-reducing agent in concrete construction,and an excellent adhesive in refinery application.

PH Value: 4.5 – 6.5
Moisture: ≤ 7.0 %
Lignosulphonate assay: ≥ 55 %
Total reducing matter: ≤ 12.0%
Water insoluble matter: ≤ 1.5%

1) Water-reducing agent
A. Prefabricated or fresh concrete construction.
B. Preparation of antifreezing, pump-deliverable water reducing agent.
C. Preparation of different type of water reducing agent.

2) Adhesive
A. It is used as mineral powder adhesive to improve recovery rate in refinery process.
B. It is an excellent adhesive for fireproof products. It can improve the products’ strength and prevent cracks.
C. It reduces the viscosity of clay and improves the product yields in the ceramic fabrication.
D. If is added with phenol type additives in electrolysis, purer precipitates is formed.

Keep away from moisture and in shaded,cool and dry place.

In 25kg net/bags 13mts/20’FCL

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